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We’re so excited for everything that’s in store for Valley Creek Students this summer! Every Wednesday, we’ll have unique worship experiences and messages just for students that will help them grow on their journey with Jesus.

We also have fun activities and themes planned for each week, so check out the list below to come prepared. You don’t want to miss this!

June 1 | Color War (Theme: Whiteout)
June 8 | Obstacle Courses (Theme: camoflage)
June 15 | Summer Olympics (Theme: sports)
June 22 | Water War (Theme: blackout)
July 6 | Ultimate Nine Square (Theme: 80's Night)
July 13 | Ultimate Balloon Stomp (Theme: Luau)
July 20 | Ultimate Dodgeball (Theme: 90's Night)
July 29 | Gen Hope Night (Theme: Student Merch)

New Experience for Students

The world has cast a negative light on mental health and made us believe it’s only something to talk about when we struggle or need help. But what if mental health was a good thing?

You're a Hope Carrier

Valley Creek Students is a place where you can discover Jesus, find friendship, and change your world. Because you have hope, you can change the world around you – your friends, your family, your school, and everyone you meet. And, you don’t have to wait until tomorrow; you can change your world today. If you’re in 6-12 grade, we believe that you are the next generation of hope carriers being raised up to be everything God created you to be.

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Weekend Experiences

Every Sunday at all campuses

We gather at the Student Tent every Sunday at each campus to meet friends before going to the Student Section in the Worship Center. Gen Hope leads the way in worship and engagement as we experience God’s presence.

Student Circles

Student Circles launch on August 24

We come together to discuss the weekend message, engage Scripture, and pray together. This is the foundation of everything that we do.

MVMNT Nights

MVMNT Nights launch August 17

MVMNT Nights are unique worship experiences and messages for students, 6-12 grade, that activate hope in our lives and in our generation. They’re a great opportunity to invite friends, have fun, and worship with passion! Grab your pen, Bible, and journal, and join us for our next gathering! Doors open at 6:45pm.

Student Leadership

Applications open on June 1

Student Leadership Experience is a nine-month journey where students will have fun while learning to lead themselves and others through weekly and monthly interactive experiences. This experience, will help students discover more about who they are, who God is, and what they were created to do, so they can leave a lasting impact in their generation!