Hope is Here. Everyone is Welcome. Jesus Changes Everything.

Valley Creek is where unique individuals come together, whether in person or online, to receive and release hope in all areas of life. We are a Jesus-focused, Spirit-filled, and Life-giving church bringing hope to the city and beyond!

OUr Values

No matter who you are or where you’re from, we believe there is hope for you! Hope is not an emotion, it’s not a feeling, it’s not wishful thinking – hope is a person, and His name is Jesus. We’ve created experiences at all our campuses for you to discover hope (Jesus) for yourself. Everything we do from our parking lot to worship center seats is to help you discover who you are, who God is, and what you are created to do.

We believe in and love the next generation! We have amazing experiences for your kids no matter what age.

Every Sunday, we have have awesome in-person and online experiences for our kids to help them have fun and discover Jesus! 

Valley Creek Students is a place where you can discover Jesus, find friendship, and change your world

Because you have hope, you can change the world around you – your friends, your family, your school, and everyone you meet. And, you don’t have to wait until tomorrow; you can change your world today. If you’re in 6-12 grade, we believe that you are the next generation of hope carriers being raised up to be everything God created you to be. You are Generation Hope!

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