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What is Missional Move: Hope For The City?

Missional Move: Hope for the City is our invitation to bring the hope of Jesus to the north Texas region through harbors (campuses) and hope carriers (people).


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Missional Move Updates

Here are the latest updates of our missional move:

University Property Acquired

In 2019, God invited us to begin Missional Move: Hope for the City. He gave us a next step to move from being a church for the city to becoming a church for the region by doubling down and going from four campuses to eight – a massive step of faith.

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Missional Move Three Year Update

In 2019, God invited us to begin Missional Move: Hope for the City. He gave us a next step to move from being a church for the city to becoming a church for the region by doubling down and going from four campuses to eight – a massive step of faith.

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Harbors (Campuses)

In 2019, God invited us to begin Missional Move: Hope for the City. He gave us a next step to move from being a church for the city to becoming a church for the region by doubling down and going from four campuses to eight – a massive step of faith.

Whether you were here when this started, you just joined us, or you’ve moved on during the pandemic, you are part of this movement. You are taking next steps on your journey with Jesus so that someone else can take a next step on theirs. Together, we are creating the future with God. This is what it looks like to see what “can be” in the midst of “what is.”

LIttle by little, God’s kingdom is advancing.

Our Denton Campus launched in 2014 and has been growing ever since. They’re located at the intersection of I-35E and 288/Teasley, across from the Golden Triangle Mall.

Our Flower Mound Campus is our original campus, our broadcast campus, and currently contains our central offices. It’s located just south of FM 407, between Dixon and Waketon Road, with entrances off of Dixon Road and Long Prairie Road/FM 2499.

Our Venue Campus is a smaller, full campus located inside our Flower Mound Campus. You can experience live worship and the message here every Sunday.

Our Lewisville Campus launched in 2016, and is bringing hope to the city and the people of Lewisville. It’s located at the intersection of 121-Business and I-35E.

Gainesville is known as the “gateway to Texas”. Our Gainesville Campus launched in 2019, and this campus is located right off of I-35. We’re so excited for how Jesus is already moving in and through this harbor, and we know the best is yet to come!

Every Sunday, we stream our worship experiences online ( We also engage throughout the week on Facebook and Instagram, and you can engage with our content on ValleyCreek+ now.

In November 2019, after continuing to seek God, we had a miraculous opportunity to purchase land for what will become our Argyle Campus. This campus will sit on close to 34 acres of land at an amazing location right off FM-407 and I-35W.

In April 2022, we closed on the land for our University Campus. Our newest location is almost two acres and is located across the street from the University of North Texas. We’re excited to see how God uses this space to help us reach and raise up the next generation of hope carriers!

Hope Carriers (People)

When you have been touched by the hope of Jesus, you can’t help but share His hope with others. We want to use our campuses (harbors) to develop people to be kingdom leaders (hope carriers). A hope carrier is someone who simply carries the hope of Jesus into the areas of life they already go to everyday. Jesus has commissioned us to establish His kingdom, not just in the church, but in every area of life. Since Valley Creek is made up of people, not buildings, we already exist in thousands of locations. Our long-term future is to focus on intentionally equipping each person to simply release the hope of Jesus in the areas of life where they already have influence. Our desire is to see His kingdom come and His will be done in every area of life.

I used to measure myself by likes and followers. But I knew there was more. So I’ve decided to do something different. I’m giving hope away, and I’m finding it for myself. I am a #HopeCarrier!

Riley is bringing hope to her generation! #HopeForYoungAdults

When I first started teaching, I thought I was just educating students. Now I know that I’m bringing hope to the next generation. I am a #HopeCarrier!

Dawn is bringing hope to her classroom! #HopeForEducation

I’m in high school. People don’t really expect much out of me. They think I’m too young to make a real difference. But I believe I have the power to bring hope to everyone I know. I am a #HopeCarrier!

Andrew is bringing hope to his school! #HopeForStudents

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I’m in sales. But sales is just something I do. When I walk into the office I bring hope with me. I am a #HopeCarrier!

Nate is bringing hope to his office! #HopeForBusiness

I became a nurse because I love helping people who are hurting. Because of Jesus, I bring hope into every patient’s room so they can find their full and complete healing in Him. I am a #HopeCarrier!

Mercy is bringing hope to her patients! #HopeForHealthCare


Total Investment

$ 20 Million
New Serve Team Members
New Leaders

Two Year Commitment

It’s time to pioneer – to take new ground together. We want to invite every Valley Creek family to prayerfully consider making a two-year commitment above and beyond the tithes and offerings they already give to help us bring the hope of Jesus to our region. This is a huge step of faith and will require all of us to ask, listen, and respond to the voice of God.

How do I Ask, Listen, and Respond?

We ask and talk about this question all the time! Here’s a quick overview:

  • Ask: Ask God what He wants to say to you. Only He knows our next step.
  • Listen: Listen to His voice. God is speaking and we can hear Him. It’s our desire, not our ability, that enables us to hear His voice.
  • Respond: Respond with obedience. It takes faith to follow God to a place we’ve never been before.

This is Not a Cost – It’s an Investment.

It’s an investment into people, Jesus’ church, the kingdom of God, and your eternal legacy. This investment will include:

  • Four new campus locations
  • Central offices
  • Retrofitting current offices into leadership development space at the Flower Mound Campus

Frequently Asked Questions

Giving to the Missional Move can be done online any time at

Valley Creek Argyle and Valley Creek University will launch when we have the building, resources, leaders, and serve teams ready to be a movement of hope for that city. Pray with us that these provisions will come quickly! Stay tuned.

Valley Creek Gainesville has launched, Valley Creek Online has launched, we’ve acquired land in Argyle for Valley Creek Argyle, and we’ve acquired property in Denton for Valley Creek University.

As our campuses prepare for launch, we will announce opportunities to join the launch team. Until then, join a serve team at your local campus and bring hope to the community where you are planted.

With every Missional Move, we believe in sending our best. So as we wait for the locations to become available, we will continue to raise up our leaders to be well-equipped as they lead a movement of hope.

Our Gainesville Campus Pastor is Brian Schoenhofer!

Our Online Campus Pastor is Trip Ochenski!

If you’d like to speak to a staff member about a specific role or team, we’d love to hear from you – email us at

There is not a cost, there is an investment. An investment in people and the cities we will reach. For this missional move, an investment of $20 million is required to cover the costs of four campuses and central offices. We believe this will allow us to raise up 750 serve team members, 400 leaders, and bring hope into the lives of thousands of new people.

Yes – you can still make a financial commitment to Missional Move: Hope For The City. You can also invest stocks, donate land, or contribute other assets. Simply email us at, and we will gladly discuss those options with you.

For any other questions or further clarity, please email us at

We believe this is the greatest season our church has ever seen, and we’re so glad you’re here to join this journey with us! Let’s pioneer together and take hope to the city and beyond!

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