Thank you for accepting our invitation to view this message! We are so delighted that you desired to spend your Easter with us, and we’re so sorry that there was not a seat available at the service you attended.

Easter is the time of year that a lot of effort can go into getting yourself or your family or friends together for Easter services – as a result, expectations can run high. And if it doesn’t play out as we planned, it can be very disappointing. So we want to acknowledge that disappointment and say we’re really sorry for any inconvenience you experienced.

We also want you to know that every Sunday we have multiple services available at all of our campuses, and we genuinely put effort into every single Sunday experience just like we do Easter! We prayerfully consider the worship songs to sing and the message topics that we feel will strengthen and encourage your heart. There’s a place for your kids to have fun and learn about God. We have student sections where your student can come and meet a new friend. 

Bring the card you received back with you to any of our cafes because we would love to buy you a cup of coffee and a donut if you choose to come and join us on another Sunday morning.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to someone specifically, you can just drop an email to, and I personally will make sure that we reach out to you and do the very best we can to meet you where you are. We just want you to encounter the love of Jesus. We look forward to an opportunity to experience God with you!