Audition For Valley Creek Worship

Welcome! We are so excited that you are interested in auditioning to be a part of the Valley Creek Worship Team. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to get involved.

Step 1: Send in an audition video.

  • Download the chord charts below. These are the songs you will submit for your audition.
  • When making your video, please select the track with the word “Audition” in the title to play or sing along with. The track that has the word “Tutorial” in the name is for practice purposes only.
  • Be sure to listen back to your video and make sure you are able to hear yourself before submitting it.
  • Upload your video to YouTube making sure to select “UNLISTED” under the privacy settings. Title your video with the following format: “Your Name-What your auditioning for-VCCaudition”

Choose any two songs from the selection.

I Have Decided and You Are Worthy 

Choose any two songs from the selection.

Any two songs from the selection

You Are Worthy and any other song from the selection

Two songs from the selection: One sing lead, one sing harmony

Step 2: Use this info sheet to tell us about yourself and to submit your video.


Step 3: We will contact you.

How often are audition videos reviewed?
Worship staff reviews audition videos several times throughout the year.
What are you looking for?
When reviewing videos, the staff is looking at whether or not the individual has the musical talent to be developed over a period of time.  Individuals need a good base skill set but do not need to be instantly ready for the platform. Individuals with a good base skill set are invited to be part of Infuse.
What is Infuse?
Infuse is a weekly, development time for worship teams. Its purpose is to empower worshippers through the development of skill, heart, and community. Infuse students hone their craft in a real-time band setting working alongside experienced musicians. If you are invited to be part of Infuse, plan to spend a semester or two as part of this team.
How do I serve with the Production Team?
If you are interested in joining our Production Team, you can go to a Worship Interest Meeting for more info.