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Trip Ochenski’s Story


I was working out and lifting some weights over my head when I heard my shoulder pop. I dropped the weights and realized something bad happened. They did an x-ray. I had a second-grade AC Separation, which means my collarbone where attached to my shoulder had separated. I was put in a sling and told to ice it, but there was just a lot of pain. It was constantly there, just something that I had to come to live with.

So, the night of RE in 2017 when Pastor John invited all of us to pray for healing over each other, a guy in front of me stood up and his back was in pain. So, me and about 50 other people surrounded this guy, and we were just praying in faith that he would be healed. My shoulder pain was always there to the point that I hadn’t even thought about asking for healing for it. In the middle of praying for this other person my shoulder popped but this time the pain went away. I realized something was different, so I put my arm up just to see what could happen. I was actually able to put my arms above my head with no pain. I worshipped the rest of the night with both arms in the air.

I have had no pain since. I knew God had something good for the other guy, and at the same time, God had something good for me.

Leaving that night was one of the first times in a long time that I was able to pick up my daughter over my head and put her on my shoulders. We walked out that night just celebrating what Jesus had done. He healed me even when I wasn’t asking for it. The Father is someone who wants to pour out His love regardless if we know what’s good for us or not. God is good, God is near, and God is powerful in every moment, and all we have to do is trust Him and receive what He has for us.