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Tiana Reeder’s Story

I’ve been shy for most of my life. Like, painfully shy. When I entered a room, I hoped that I wouldn’t be noticed so that I wouldn’t have to interact with people. I avoided situations that called for interaction because of this and, even though I believed in God, I hadn’t been to church in many years.

I had grown up in the church, but had some tough experiences, so I chose to pull back. I believed God was angry with me all the time and that I could never live up to His expectations. My mom invited me to a Bible study and I thought this might be good way to learn more about God, but continued to stay away from church. I wanted to keep distance from me and the wounds of my past. This next step of simply going to a Bible study changed my life because it was the first step on my journey to being in relationship with God. I learned that He is a good God and there was nothing I had to do to win His love or earn His favor. He just wanted me for who I was.

My sister had been attending Valley Creek and she invited me to go with her. I didn’t know what to call it, but I know now that my Cloud was moving, and I followed. The first time I came to VCC, it felt like God made this church for just me! Not only was I now in relationship with God, but the church wounds of my past were completely restored.

Then, I was invited to serve on the Kids Serve Team by two different people. I knew this was God inviting me to me to take another next step. I was nervous because even though I had grown in my relationship with Jesus, I was still really shy. I had a “Moses moment” where I asked God, “Who am I to lead kids?” I never thought I could be a leader, but I knew this is what God wanted for me, so I was obedient and followed. I really am a new creation in Christ because I am now leading in a grade room and speaking publicly.

As I followed the Cloud, one next step at a time God showed me that He is good, I am forgiven, I am fully loved, and that everything is possible. I now have a passion for serving Jesus that I never knew existed and I’m excited to be involved with my local church. All because I said yes to God’s invitation of freedom through serving the Kids Ministry.