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Sofia Marshall’s Story

About a year and a half ago, I started really digging in to God’s word and trying to understand more about my identity and the relationship I could have with Him. I had no idea that He was ready to transform my life!

Shortly after that, I began attending a woman’s group for the first time. It was my first time to actually have godly relationships. Through meeting with my group, reading my bible, and praying with God, I started feeling a change in my life. A big change! For the first time ever, I felt free. Free from bondage, free from all the worldly things around me that I used to put first in my life. I was feeling led to begin serving.

We took a next step and my husband and I started serving together as door greeters on the Host Team. This next step opened up my heart and mind even more. Suddenly, the teaching career that I had been working on for 10 years (that I loved so much) was not what I wanted to do anymore. It sounded crazy to even think that I no longer wanted to be a teacher because this was all that I ever wanted to do since I was a child. But God had another plan for me. He was calling me to ministry.

Because I invested time into my relationship with Him, I had the faith to fully follow and heard His voice so clearly. He was telling me three things…1. serve in Kids, 2. this is your last year teaching, and 3. serve, serve, serve!!! When talking to my husband about it, I thought for sure he would think it was insane…but to my surprise, he was hearing it too!

So now, fast forward to today, I am no longer teaching, and as I prepare for the next step, I am so excited to serve Him and the people in my community. I am ready to say YES to whatever God surprises me with because He is faithful, He is willing, He is able, He listens, and He wants to give me the desires of my heart. Can’t wait to see what He does next!