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Right Now | 05/17/2020

Find Friendship

From time to time we will include conversation starters to help your group find friendship and get the discussion rolling. If you would like, take a couple of minutes at the top of your time together to build relationships and get to know each other better.

Starter Question

What have you done or experienced in this season that you never thought you’d do, or have always wanted to do?



Don’t miss what God is doing right now.


You can spend your time thinking about the past or looking forward to the future instead of discerning what’s happening right now in your life. God is inviting you to see that He is doing a new thing now (Isaiah 43:18-19)! He doesn’t want you to miss what He’s doing now while you’re waiting for things to change.

There are three ways we can experience what God is doing right now.

1. Ask Him

Your Father invites you to ask Him for what you do not have (James 4:2 NLT). He’s eager to show you what He’s doing now in your mind, heart, home, and relationships. He’s ready to speak to you about where to invest time in connecting with others and developing new friendships. He’s able to give you clarity about a dream in your heart (Jeremiah 33:1, 3)

Question 1

What have you heard when you’ve asked, “Father, what are we going to do today?” Where have you received clarity about moving forward in an area of life where you’ve felt stuck?

2. Write It Down

When you write down what God’s been doing in your life, you value His voice and it gives you the faith to continue to believe (John 20:30-31 NLT). His faithfulness today gives you the faith you need for tomorrow¬†(Habakkuk 2:2 ESV).

Question 2

If you have developed the practice of journaling, how has this increased your faith? If you’ve never captured what God has done in your life, how can you begin the practice of writing down what He is doing?

3. Express Gratitude

Gratitude is only gratitude when it’s expressed. Today is the day the Lord has made and you can rejoice and be glad for how He’s moving, for what He’s done, and for His goodness in your life (Psalm 118:24 NKJV)!

Question 3

What are three things you’re thankful for in this season?¬†

Group Response: Write and mail a thank you card this week to encourage someone in your life.


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