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Happy Mother’s Day (Online-Only Service) | 05/10/2020

Find Friendship

From time to time we will include conversation starters to help your group find friendship and get the discussion rolling. If you would like, take a couple of minutes at the top of your time together to build relationships and get to know each other better.

Starter Question

What’s the best gift you’ve given or received on Mother’s Day?



Jesus is here and hope is on the move.


Life is a series of seasons, some of which are fun and exciting and others that are just downright hard. No matter what the season, you are never forgotten. Sometimes you just need to hit the reset button in order to rediscover what God has for you.

1. Life is a Series of Seasons

Just when you think you have figured out a season, it changes! But as the seasons change, you can change as well. How you live in the season depends on your perspective of the season. You can invite Jesus into each season by surrendering it to Him, by realizing that each day has a purpose (Psalm 90:12).

Question 1

What has changed for you and about you in this season? How can you surrender this season to God? 

2. You’re Not Forgotten

You’re not alone in wanting your efforts and contributions to be noticed and recognized – we all do. Sometimes you will feel forgotten and overlooked. But, Jesus has not forgotten you and He never will. You are chosen, you have a purpose, and you are not forgotten (1 Peter 1:2). The best way to remember this truth is to worship. Worship takes the focus off of you and turns your attention and affection toward Jesus.

Question 2

Where do you feel forgotten? In what ways can you turn your attention and affection toward Jesus to break the cycle of harboring offenses, putting up walls, and being trapped?

3. It’s Time for a Reset

God is inviting us to reset, restart, recalibrate, and redefine our lives in this season. Sometimes we just need to push pause to slow down and take inventory. By taking inventory, we see what is to more clearly see what can be. Taking inventory and examining your life prepares and positions you for a reset (Psalm 139:23-24). God is inviting you to rediscover dreams, gifts, talents, and passions; to rediscover things you’ve forgotten you had.

Question 3

As you take inventory, what expired things do you need to get rid of to make room for new things? What is one next step that you can take to start to allow God to hit the reset button in your life?



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