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Michael DeTomasso’s Story

In January 2001, I was rushed to the hospital unexpectedly. After many tests and anxious waiting, I learned the devastating news – I had leukemia. One of my relatives is a pastor and, as I laid in that hospital bed surrounded by loved ones in tears, he says to me, “Michael, what do you want in life?” I said, “To see my one year old grandson, Christian, grow up. To see him throw a baseball, football, or sh

oot hoops together.” He encouraged me and said, “Have faith.” In that moment, I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, but it started me on a journey.
The long days and late nights of chemo, sickness, and exhaustion came quickly, and I couldn’t see the end. I was missing my family, always tired, and I needed breakthrough. My daughters and my wife asked me to go to church with them. I wanted to have faith, but I just didn’t believe God could heal me.

With my family, I hesitantly walked to the front of the stage to receive prayer. All I remember is being asked if I believed in Jesus Christ, and my answer was, “YES!”. Within two weeks we learned about a new medicine that our insurance paid for that would improve my health. Four months later I was in remission. I was starting to understand what having faith actually meant.

For 12 years I went to my doctor every three months for testing and always left knowing the cancer was still in my body. I was grateful that the medi

cine was keeping me in remission, but I still needed complete healing. Life always seemed to have an expiration date for me, so, when my wife passed away, I decided to make the most of it. I moved to Texas where my grandchildren lived.

Just a few days aft

er the move, my grandson was going to be baptized and my daughter invited me to also take that step. I was so overwhelmed with the love of Jesus and I said, “Yes!” again. The day came, and it was amazing. I declared, “Jesus is Lord and I will follow Him.”

One month later I went in for my routine blood test, and I got the phone call from the nurse where I expected to hear my results. Instead, she said I had to come in and speak with the doctor in person. My heart sank. I knew it had to be something bad and I was devastated. But, I heard this quiet voice in my head echo, “Have faith.” So, I nervously went to my appointment. The doctor came in and then smiled… I was so confused I asked him why he was smiling. He said, “Michael, I could of done this over the phone, but I needed to see the look on your face… You don’t have a single leukemic cell in your body!” I couldn’t believe it! God has completely healed me and has always proven my faith in Him to be right. Again, I declare, “Jesus is Lord and I will follow Him.”