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Haley Well’s Story

Against God’s will I urged my husband to get a vasectomy right after I became pregnant with our son who is now four years old. Now, it’s my biggest regret. We have been trying to conceive another child for a couple of years and I was losing all hope. I felt like I would never have another child. An encounter with Jesus changed everything.

At one of our church’s gatherings, I went up for prayer and felt the Holy Spirit bubbling up inside of me. Simultaneously my hope for another child was restored! The woman who prayed over me didn’t know my circumstances and she spoke words of life over me. She said, “God is knitting something together in you!” Just like Psalm 139:13 says, ‘For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.’”

I have hope again! Although there are reversal surgeries available, I believe God is asking us to wait so that when, not if, we have our second child, there will be no doubt as to where that baby came from.

Even though I made decisions that I regret God is good and my hope has been restored!