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As group leaders, we help people discover Jesus and find friendship. Whether we are meeting in person or hosting an online group we are called to make disciples. Remember, group leaders invite people to their groups, create a space where people can get real with God and each other, and they help people take next steps. Each article will focus on at least one of these topics to help you be the best leader you can be.

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Focus: Invite People
March 27, 2020
  1. Make it easy to join your group. Give them a phone call. Personal connection does wonders to put someone’s mind at ease. Then send them a text with the link to your group with the day and time.
  2. Prep your group and yourself. Pray for them before they even go online. Let your group know that someone new is coming that way they can help welcome them in.
  3. Have a plan. It’s okay if group looks a bit different this week. Start with an introduction and an icebreaker, something to warm-up conversation. This is a great time to share your heart and how groups have helped you discover Jesus and find friendship.
  4. Follow up. Like text them after group to thank them and celebrate the next step they just took. In your time this week pray for them along with the rest of your group. And keep them informed by adding them to your GroupMe or text group.




Focus: Create A Space
March 25, 2020
  1. Let people know where you are meeting. Update your group event location on Login into Planning Center Groups.
  2. Arrive early. Be the first on the call to greet your group. 
  3. Take a test drive. The first time your group goes online take some time to get used to the tool and connect.
  4. Lean in. Literally, lean in people can see you friendly face.
  5. Have a plan. Know the topics you want to cover (like the Discussion Guide) and keep an eye on the clock.
  6. Smile. People can see you. So, let them know you are happy.
  7. Invite people into the conversation. Look for people that haven’t been able to share and give them space to share.
  8. To mute, or not to mute? Don’t be afraid to mute people if their environment is noisy. Be nice and ask first.
  9. Minimize distractions. Choose a space that is quiet if possible and a background that isn’t distracting.
  10. Report your group attendance. We want to be intentional with the people in our group. The attendance report allows us to see who joined us and who needs to be followed up with.


How to take your group online

Focus: Create A Space
March 21, 2020