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Good Work – 167 Week 3 | 06/21/2020

Starter Question

If you could have only one condiment for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Activate your faith where it matters most.


We spend a large amount of our time at work or school – 25-50% of our week. But most of us believe that our faith on Sunday has nothing to do with our work or school on Monday. We compartmentalize our lives into family, faith, work, hobbies; we fragment our lives into little boxes. But we are meant to be wholistic people with wholistic lives, with faith in every part of our lives. It is time for us to invite God into our 167, including our work (1 Peter 3:15).

1. You Were Created to Work

Too many of us think of work as part of the curse, the Fall of man in the Garden of Eden. But, God actually placed us in the Garden to work and take care of it – we were created to work (Genesis 2:15). It is our created purpose and privilege to work with God (Genesis 1:28 AMPC).

  • “Be fruitful” – bring things to their fullest potential,
  • “multiply” – reproduce the life of God within you into the world around you,
  • “fill the earth” – saturate our areas of life with the knowledge of the glory of God,
  • “subdue it” – bring order to the chaos, bring alignment to the things that have drifted,
  • “using all its vast resources in the service of God and man” – use your talent, your gifting, your finances to carry the hope of Jesus to others.

We have to stop separating sacred from secular. Sacred is our identity and identity determines how we do our work. Our job is a temporary assignment, it’s the task of our hands. Our work is a kingdom calling, it’s bringing the hope in our hearts into our workplace.

Question 1

What does God love about the work you do? What’s holding you back from viewing your work as sacred? 


2. Activate Your Faith at Work

What we do for work is not important; how we do our work is. We are meant to do our work differently than others (Colossians 3:23, 1 Corinthians 10:31). We are to be Jesus-focused, Spirit-filled, and life-giving at work: we are meant to do our work alongside our Father (Luke 15:29, 31).

An active faith at work is inviting God into our work and:

  • Being aware of His presence.
  • Receiving His grace.
  • Seeking more of Him.
  • Submitting to His Lordship.
  • Engaging in His mission.
Question 2

Where do you need to invite God into your work and what steps can you take to begin to do that?


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