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Darren Grabowski’s Story

I struggled with feelings of inadequacy and insecurities all of my life. I remember being chosen to do things in school, and my first thoughts were always, why me? The thoughts of I’m not good enough, I’m not important, or I have no value, would come to mind. It continued to adulthood.

So, I began to find success in worldly areas to deal with these thoughts. My current career, promotions to management positions, raises, bonuses. In all of this I put on the outward appearance, put on the show that everything was okay but internally I continued to struggle with the why. Why did they choose me, they don’t know me, they don’t know that I’m not smart enough to do that job. I can’t inspire anyone. Why?

These statements controlled my thoughts and it began affecting how I treated my wife, my kids, my friends, family, coworkers. Everyone. I believed I had no value. I was living the three circles backwards and trying to earn my way into significance.

Through invitations from friends, we started going to Valley Creek. I heard God speaking life into me for the first time, telling me who I am in Him. Instead of hearing the enemy shouting lies to me, I heard God whisper the truth. He said, “You are good enough. You are loved. You are MY son with whom I am well pleased.” That led me to finally be completely vulnerable so that God could work in me.

I now know that people see in me what I could not see, and I approach everything in my life from a place of significance. I can lead those students at HUB Camp. I can lead that men’s group. I can say yes, not because of who people say I am, but because of who He says I am. I do have it in me, because He is in me. And with God, all things are possible.