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Connor Marshall’s Story

This year, I joined Valley Creek’s Leadership Academy (VCLA). During VCLA, I experienced a moment of profound personal change while on a mission trip to India.

We were there to serve, but my whole perspective was changed through the relationships I formed, the culture differences I observed, and the Holy Spirit’s power that was displayed. Circumstances that had never come my way before sparked repentance, or a change in my thinking.

When I was falling asleep on the plane back to Dallas, God spoke directly to me. He told me not to focus so much on specifics, but to always keep my eye on the big picture. While in India, our VCLA team had to stay flexible and respond to a lot of requests on the spot. It was humbling for me because, while I don’t struggle with giving up control, I do struggle with flexibility when I have a set agenda. With this, I tend to over prepare, which leads my spirit to stress and be anxious. Because everything asked of me in India was short notice, there was very little time for me to overthink. I was placed in positions where my insecurity was revealed, and I couldn’t rely on my own strength. So, I had no choice but to lean in and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit for guidance.

My experiences with VCLA in India taught me that God is bigger than my insecurity. The big picture of life always involves God. So, if I’m expressing worry over details that don’t matter to the bigger purpose, I am wasting time and energy. Some things are not worth worrying about. I will set the big picture at the forefront of my mind and allow that to be my focus and not give unnecessary attention to controlling minor details.

I’m so grateful for the revelation God gave me and the freedom it allows me to walk in.