We equip people in practical areas of life to take next steps on their journey with Jesus.
One of the exciting aspects about our journey with Jesus is that it never ends and
He is always inviting us to more!
We have opportunities throughout the year to help you grow in your identity,
grow in your relationship with Jesus, and grow in living out your purpose.
Throughout the year, we offer a variety of experiences designed to help you grow and learn more about what God has for you.  There are lots of opportunities for next steps! Check out the upcoming classes below in these categories:

  • Relationships

  • Finance

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Purposeful Living

God wants to speak with us and He has a lot to say!

In this two-week class we will talk about how to ask and listen to God’s leading in our lives, so that we can respond to what He says.

We will talk about differentiating between the voices of our past and this world, and the peaceful voice of our good Father. We will look into how Scripture and wise counsel in our lives lead us to correctly discern what God is saying. And finally, we will lean into God’s whisper together as we quiet our hearts and learn to value His voice.

Do you desire to have margin with your finances? Would you like to experience more freedom from debt? Do you want to grow in your generosity to others? Then join us for More Than Money.


This class will help you understand what the Bible has to say about stewarding our finances. Like many things in life, money is simply a tool that God gives us to use. We want to help you use that tool more effectively. By the end of this three-week class you will be viewing your finances less as a burden and more as a gift.

This five-week class is for engaged couples that desire to prepare well for marriage. We will explore what it looks like to have a marriage with Christ at the center. We will discuss healthy communications, finances, family history, intimacy, and more.

When was the last time you really looked at your life? For many of us, life happens so fast that we rarely have an opportunity to evaluate how we got where we are and where we are going. It is time to get off the crazy train. During this two-week class we will talk about how to discern what to prune from our lives so that we can experience the very best Jesus has for us and have the greatest impact on those around us.

Do you feel that God is calling you into full-time vocational ministry? Is there a tugging on your heart that you can’t deny and can’t ignore? If this is true for you, then join us to learn more about what your next steps might look like.


During this two-week class, we’ll discuss the difference between God’s invitation to prepare and His invitation to respond. We’ll share practical ways you can prepare for your future assignment. In addition, you’ll meet other VCC leaders whose hearts are being stirred in a similar way.

The best dads and moms are first beloved sons and daughters. This three-week class encourages parents to parent from their identity in Christ. You will learn practical tips on how to communicate well with your children of all ages, how to engage their hearts, and how to help develop them into their God-given potential.

Let’s be honest…we don’t always love our marriage. Marriage is hard work. It’s hard to find time alone together, it’s hard to make unified decisions, it’s hard to have healthy disagreements. This three-week class will explore these and other areas and set you on a positive path toward loving your marriage.

Each of us is designed to understand, to be empowered in, and to live out our kingdom purpose. Just like the early church, we are called and equipped to release the Kingdom of God every day, everywhere, to everyone!


But how do you know what that means? What does it look like to live a purposeful life? How are you uniquely built and empowered by the Spirit to be a kingdom releaser? What are your spiritual gifts? How do you walk in the character and power of Jesus in order to impact the church and the environments in which you have been placed? During this four-week class, we will explore these questions and more.

Prayer is meant to be powerful. Prayer is meant to bring heaven into our earthly circumstances and alignment in our hearts. But how do we pray powerful, Spirit-filled prayers? How do we pray conversationally, and believe that our prayers can truly bring heaven to earth?

During this two-week Grow class, we will talk about prayer in real, practical ways. We will see how Jesus prayed and what He spoke about prayer. We will talk about the tension that occurs when prayers seem to go unanswered. And we will receive helpful insight on praying to our good Father with confidence and power! You will be encouraged and equipped to pray for those you love and to have meaningful conversations with God.